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Feng Shui: to change and improve your life

Feng Shui is the Art and Science of capturing the positive energy of our environment to better serve and improve our health, to favour material abundance , harmonious family, love and social relationships.

We treat our body to acupuncture, shiatsu or other natural medicines. Why not pay more attention to the energy linked to our environment?


Feng Shui

In the Universe, all is energy, nothing was left to chance.

From the atom to the stars, the Universe is structured, ordained and hierarchized.

Feng Shui Training

Increase your luck, health and prosperity, using techniques that will allow you to activate and enjoy the energies in your home.

  • professional training of Ecole Dao
  • online course: how to activate the best energies in your home.

Expertise for Home or Business

The consultation has to take place at the location to be studied. I do not analyse a plan without having been on site.

About me

I was an interior designer and got interested in Feng Shui at the beginning of the 90’s.

I studied in Montreux , Switzerland and got my diploma from a disciple of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. I am a trained Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Expert Consultant.

The essentials

Yin - Yang

The very bases of Feng Shui rest on the principle of the Yin and Yang and are essential to the understanding of this science.

Ba Gua – 8 Trigrams

Trigrams are intimately linked to Yin and Yang:

To compose a trigram, you need three lines, the cosmic Trinity, Heaven, Man and Earth. A broken line is Yin and a full one is Yang.

The 5 elements

5 elements are also derived from the Yin and Yang. These elements correspond to the cycle of the 5 transformations. The elements interact together. They represent 5 types of energy and they are linked to 3 cycles of the Qi.

The animals

We refer here to the school of form, San He. The starting point is the front door, the mouth of the Qi.

One of the  goasl of Feng Shui is to find the perfect location to sit a house.


Ba Zi – Chinese astrology or the 4 pillars of destiny

Hello to all! I have been practicing and teaching Feng Shui for more than10 years. I wanted to add Ba Zi - Chinese astrology or the 4 pillars of destiny for a long time. I finally did it! But what is it exactly? Ba Zi is about...

Very Happy Metal OX Year

Very Happy Metal OX Year

The dates for the next Apprentice cycle training in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui  for Ecole Dao will resume as soon as the health restrictions are lifted. Classes will take place in Outremont, Montréal, Qc. : For those that may prefer...


FENG SHUI: What will be the impact of period 9 on our homes? In 2024, we will change period and therefore energy. We are currently in period 8 since 2004 which will end in 2024 to make way for period 9 until 2044. What will be the impact...

NEW: Online Courses

How to activate, in your apartment or house, the most favourable energies. This is not a professional training. Increase your luck, health and prosperity with techniques that will allow you to activate and enjoy the energies in your home....

Feng Shui Advice: Renovations

Feng Shui Advice: Renovations

A square or rectangular house has the 4 golden corners, it is a house with no missing sectors and is really the ideal shape. If you are planning renovations this year, please make sure that you do not destroy this balance … If you build...

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