FENG SHUI: What will be the impact of period 9 on our homes?

In 2024, we will change period and therefore energy. We are currently in period 8 since 2004 which will end in 2024 to make way for period 9 until 2044.

What will be the impact of this change of period, on our lives and on the energy of the house? It is necessary to foresee because energy is already starting to evolve.

If you buy a new house, you will have to take into account the energy of the new period, especially since it is already being felt. The quality of Qi will change in 2024 and some stars that were negative will, over time, become positive, such as star 2. A house that had good energies in period 8 could improve again in period 9 but the reverse could also be true. The southern sector and the stars there and those that will accompany star 9 will be amplified: the good ones will be magnified tenfold and the bad ones as well. Star 8 will still be good in period 9 but will require more effort to deploy the results.

Star 5 is and will still be bad all the more if fed by Fire (star 5 is an Earth star and star 9 is a Fire star – in the Production cycle, Fire produces Earth…). You must therefore locate the 5 in your house and make sure you spend as little time as possible there and even avoid this sector. If it is at the front door, you must change the sector, in the kitchen (where the stove is located), in the bedroom or in your office, you will have to make changes if necessary.

You should also make sure, if there is a missing area, that the South is present. It would also be preferable that the 9 is not trapped in the center of the grid.

The grid of period 9 is not necessarily better than the period 8 grid, everything will depend on your facade and the layout of the rooms.

Yes, there will be some facades that are better than others, but it will also depend on the exterior environment and the interior layout of the rooms.

Of course, you will be able to capture positive Qi by facing good stars and good directions.

Period 9 corresponds to the trigram Li so everything related to technology, media, arts and culture, beauty and related industries, health, education and spirituality will take a lot of ascendancy. Women in the prime of life will be favored.

Period 8 was largely based on efforts to achieve success. In period 9, visibility will be the secret. We can already see that the pandemic has accelerated this process. To be visible, we must work on the media, social networks, the web.

Guas 9 and the Bing and Ding day masters will be more sensitive to the change of period. Also guas 1 and 6.

If you’re thinking about moving, many factors will have to be considered:

  • the outside environment first
  • the impact of this environment on the energy entering the house through the front door.
  • you will have to consider the grids from period 9 to ensure a good Qi for the next 20 years!

A Feng Shui expert will allow you an adequate analysis of the energies for the years to come and will assure you of a good health and prosperity while avoiding the pitfalls. Your energy map (Ba Zi) will also be taken into account as well as the pillars of luck and the year. If you would like more information or if you have any comments, please let me know by e-mail : adeledionne@gmail.com


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