What is essential before buying Land and/or a House?

23 Jul 2019 | News

As far as  Feng Shui is concerned, the external environment is the most important. In fact, it represents 70%! The Feng Shui we apply inside the house represents only  30% of the results we get.

People are always surprised and don’t really understand this statement and what it really means. It is in reference to the San He system (3 Harmonies) in which the main door, the mountains (or buildings) and water (or roads) , that surround the house, are all related.

The correct combination of these 3 factors generates a very powerful energy that can bring prosperity, health and harmonious relationships. The point of reference of this system is the main entrance door in relation to the outside configurations.

If you buy a land on which you plan to build a house, you must look for the “4  Heaven Animals”: The Turtle, the Dragon, the Tiger and the Phenix. Those 4 animals act as environmental  “protectors” of the house and its inhabitants. They are represented by  a hill, a mountain or a building or house in a more urban context.

The Black Turtle is represented by a hill , mountain or building – at the back of the house – and symbolizes financial and family stability , as well as health. The mountain should not be too close to the house. Its absence could indicate a lack of support or stability in one of those fields.

A mountain or a building or house on the left of the main door (stand behind the door as if going out) is the Green Dragon. It should be taller than the Tiger.  It represents the man of the house (yang), money, power and the career. The absence of Dragon will bring on money and career problems.

The White Tiger at the right- always positioning yourself inside  and behind the main entrance door-, represents woman (yin),kids, patience and the relational aspect in love, friendship and communication in business. The lack of Tiger will play against woman and communication

The last of the celestial animals, the Red Phenix, is synonymous of future prospects. Its combines the yin and yang. It’s representation : a little mogul or very small hill that will not obstruct the vision but will retain the energy in front of the house. It allows the opportunities to come forward. A wall or tall mountain or hill that obstructs the vision, would cut future perspectives.

These features are what we basically look for when we buy a land of want to build  a house. These elements are essential.

The water or road, should be located in front of the house. In rare instances they are beneficial at the rear: certain door directions call for water at the back and mountain in front. Water is a very important element to induce prosperity but if badly located, it will have harmful effects

The cardinal direction (the orientation) of the main entrance door is also of great importance.  It should be oriented according to the Gua of each individual. To calculate your personal Gua, please refer , on my web site, to the heading called THE ESSENTIALS. There are 14 directions for “east people” and 10 for those of “the west”. This choice appears extensive but we also have to consider the flying stars. To ensure that the ara in which the main entrance door is located contains a favourable Qi, the date you moved in your house or apartment is important. If for example you built the house  in 2003 and you moved in 2004, the chart for the flying stars will be that of period 8 (which extends from 2004 to 2024). This chart will also indicate if the location of the water or road is better at the front or the back of the house.

Is the road in front of the house straight, is your house at a dead end, at a T  or Y junction, on the corner of a road, in a roundabout , at the end of a cul de sac , in the middle of a U , in a tight curve, on a very windy road, below an motorway or between 2 parallel roads? We have to remember that roads and water in motion are equivalent

The geometry of the land : the most harmonious shapes are the square and the rectangle. The triangle with the small point at the back or at the front, the elongated rectangle , the land in the shape of an L, or a trapeze, all have a negative influence.

The location of the house on the land : is it on a hillside, on a land that is flat or sloping. Is the ground dry or green?

The Sha Qi is represented by all structures that point at the main entrance door whether they are roads, rivers, pointed objects, corner of buildings or that block the access to the door (trees or post).

The immediate environment : is the land near a school, an airport, a hospital, a railroad, high tension lines, police headquarters or fire station, a dump site or a cemetery. What influence does this neighborhood carry?

Not only do you have to consider the celestial animals,but all that surrounds your house has an influence  on it and by consequence on each individual living in it. Swimming pools, fountains, basins, roads and mountains or buildings that are around and face the house also have a great impact and must be analyzed. Each door has a particular chart which defines the type of energy emanating from each element of  your surroundings.

Before building the house, you must consider the shape of the house. Architects love to express their creativity by giving exotic shapes to the houses to make their plans more interesting. In Feng Shui, the beneficial shapes are the square and the rectangle (not too stretched), the 4 Golden Corners. The other shapes whether circle, U or L create missing areas that may cause serious problems depending  on the person and the section missing.

The house should also be built on a solid base, stilts are not an option!

The building materials should be used in balance, no excess metal or wood.

The main entrance door, as well as being in the right direction,should be in proportion to the size of the house, neither too small nor too large. Remember , it is the mouth of the Qi through which the energy nourishing the house enters . If this energy is  polluted, problems may not arise immediately but in the long run as days and months go by, problems will appear.*

Before building a house and /or  buying a land, it is important to evaluate all these parameters. If you are of the eastern group for example, you have 14 favorable directions to start with but you may realize only four of them are suitable. Which one should you choose?

The construction and the purchase of a house are very important. Why not put all the chances on your side!

You should consult an expert in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui  for guidance.

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