Feng Shui Advice: Renovations

23 Jul 2019 | News

A square or rectangular house has the 4 golden corners, it is a house with no missing sectors and is really the ideal shape.

If you are planning renovations this year, please make sure that you do not destroy this balance … If you build an addition to your home, does it change its shape? Careful you don’t end up with an L shaped house.

A missing sector is indicative of incomplete energy and will have a big impact on the people who live in this house.

In act, every area of the home corresponds to a cardinal point, a “gua” (depending of the date of birth) and a position in the family (father-mother- first born- middle child- youngest), this helps determine which member of the family will be more affected by this missing sector. The cardinal direction is also related to parts of the body (heart, eyes, kidneys, blood etc.) that could be weakened.

If a man was to live alone in the house described above, he probably will struggle to find a soul mate. If a woman lives in that house: she may feel out of place or frequently absent and may be affected with stomach problems amongst other things. She may also suffer from impatience.

If, on the other hand your house is L or U shaped, it is advisable to build out in order to fill the missing parts.

So before undertaking renovations or purchase a home, why not submit your plans to a Feng Shui expert?

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