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Professional Feng Shui Training

Professional training : ECOLE DAO
Our educational institution is recognized by Revenu Québec
Traditional Chinese Feng Shui – Feng Shui Traditionnel Chinois
Our accreditation number: 15- 10- 3808.


Why become an Expert Consultant in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui ?

Many of you have been hesitating for a long time… Why not take the plunge? It has been a passion for me for many years. I would love to share it with you!

You will learn how to improve your physical and financial health, your love life and that of your family or clients if you wish to go further into the Feng Shui practice.

Traditional Feng Shui varies from new age Feng Shui. The concepts, basic foundations must be studied and understood. There is very little material available in bookstores about traditional Feng Shui and the few books you will find do not cover the practice thoroughly and can leave you quite confused. How are time and space treated? You will find that each person has his or her own energies: his or her energy footprint.

Your living space tells a story… I’ll help you read that story. Why does a couple experience relationship difficulties since they changed rooms and the direction of the bed? Why the sudden reversal of fortune since the house was renovated? Why do these health problems suddenly appear since the move? Why can’t I have a lasting relationship with a spouse? The answers to these questions will leave you speechless…

If you want to register, do it now, dive in, go ahead! The Books are translated in English.

Apprentice Cycle

Books 1- 2 – 3 and 4

The first cycle will allow you to:

  • to evaluate your external environment
  • to avoid negative energy but
  • make the most of the positive energy in your home and put it at your service

It’s a powerful tool when you know how to use it.

You will also learn how to use the compass (the Luopan) which is the expert’s working instrument. If your goal is personal then I will teach you how to use a simple compass.

I will share with you some tips and personal experiences to make the practice more lively and easy!

Book 1 – The Landscape (2 days) 320$

During these 2 days, we deal with the study of the main principles of SAN HE, the study of forms and landscape.

We study the position of the house in relation to the various formations of the natural landscape (mountains and water) and the urban landscape (roads and buildings).

Feng Shui helps to harmonize your home with its environment by activating positive qi (Sheng qi) and avoiding negative qi (Sha qi).

The study of the external environment is crucial and represents 70% of the work during an expertise. We cannot make an analysis without knowing the environmental influence on our workplaces and living areas.

We will therefore go outdoors in order to understand and analyse the landscape.

Why in some houses are people always sick? Your business was thriving but since the move, the turnover is down… Since the renovation of the house, my husband and I have been fighting all the time! You will learn how to evaluate the potential of your house and the causes of certain changes.

Book 2 – The Door and the luopan (2 days) 320$

These 2 days will be devoted to the study of the front door (“mouth of Qi”).

The door, a vital organ of the dwelling, is of considerable importance for life in the habitat.

It is the link between the house and its environment.

It is studied almost exhaustively both in terms of theory – formulas specific to the front door – and in terms of practice, discovering the use of the luopan and taking measurements.

The use of the compass allows you to make an accurate assessment: some directions from your door are really bad and are detrimental to your health, prosperity and good relationships with your family, friends, work or family. The Luopan is the working instrument of the Feng Shui consultant.

The luopan – a geomantic compass with reference plates for the different formulas – is our main working tool.

Please note: a simple compass, bought in a sports shop, will suffice at this stage of the course. I will provide you with the necessary material for a good understanding and application.

Book 3 – The Ba Zhai (2 days) 320$

This third part introduces “the person” who is at the heart of any Feng Shui analysis.

The harmonization of the house only makes sense if it is for the benefit of its inhabitants. We will then proceed to an in-depth study of the trigram of life or “Ming Gua”. This is your energy footprint.

The “Ba Zhai” (“the 8 houses”) allows us to determine for each person, according to their “Ming Gua”, the beneficial and harmful locations, as well as the beneficial and harmful directions.

Thanks to this system, you will learn how to best arrange the interior of the house.

We now move on to the analysis of the interior of the house. You will learn how to work on the plan of your house, condo or apartment. Some spaces are highly favourable to you while others are detrimental to your energy, health and progress. You will learn how to activate the right areas and avoid negative energies.

Book 4 – The San Yuan (2 days) 320$

In this last part of the Apprentice cycle, you will familiarize yourself with another great system of analysis: the San Yuan.

This system studies the influence of the cyclical flow of time through cycles and periods.

The Xuan Kong Fei Xing system, commonly known as “flying stars” belongs to this system. This complex system will be discussed here in its broad outline and will be the subject of further study in the Consultant Cycle.

You will discover the types of energy that occupy your house but nothing is permanent, everything is cyclical, in fact, each year, new energies settle in and it will be important to weaken or strengthen them. These forces fluctuate every Chinese New Year and need to be adjusted. This is very important especially if you are renovating or moving… The subject is fascinating!

A test will close this first course of the training cycle. Each student that will pass successfully the exam, will be given a Certificate of completion of the Apprentice Cycle.

To see the detailed program, please contact me or go to:

Counsellor Cycle

Books 5 and 6

If you pursue the training further, you can do so within your current profession as an interior designer, architect, home staging, real estate work, building contractor… It can also be of great use to you in the field of medicine or natural care. If this is the case, our school is an educational institution recognized by Revenu Québec and you may be able to deduct the costs of this training.

Perhaps you would like to make a career out of it, working on your own, in complete freedom?

Whatever your reasons, we will discuss your motivations and aspirations.

Book 5 – Formulas for roads and water (2 days) 400$

We will approach the study of the different road and water analysis formulas depending on the direction of the main entrance. Roads or waters – rivers, ponds, basins, swimming pools – can be beneficial or detrimental to a house depending on the direction of its front door. You will approach these formulas under their theoretical and practical aspect thanks to the outdoor measurements. You will learn how to take those measurements.

In order to quickly consult these formulas during an analysis, we constitute a reference system, made up of what we call “the wheels”, in fact they are representations of the compass for each front door (our point of reference).

What energy brings us our street, the surrounding houses and mountains, the river, a fountain, a pond: all these configurations carry a particular Qi and depend on the direction of your front door. The energy of your house will not resemble the house next door to yours. We go outside, equipped with a compass, to evaluate the energy of our environment.

Book 6 – Mountains and water analysis (3 days) 600$

We will discuss the Tan Lang nine-star analysis system, which is a major system in San He. It is used to understand the influence of mountains or buildings, moving or static water, roads, on houses and on the main door of the house.

One day will be devoted to practice. During this day, we will take outdoor Tan Lang measurements with the Luopan.

Water in Feng Shui is of paramount importance. Its impact can be beneficial or fearsome. What is the impact of the river that passes in front of your house? of the swimming pool you have dug? of the house build in front of yours? of the road in front of your house?

We will also do many exercises to familiarize you with this technique.

This cycle ends with a test and if successful, you will receive the Attestation for the Counselling Cycle.

To see the detailed program, please contact me or go to:

Consultant Cycle

Books 7 and 8

Book 7 – The Flying Stars (3 days) 600$

We will discuss the “Flying Star” or Xuan Kong Fei Xing system in detail.

This system of analysis is part of the San Yuan system discussed in the fourth book of the Apprentice cycle. It is the study of temporal influences on the house and its inhabitants. These influences are invisible, but no less real.

What do these flying stars mean? What influences do these energies have on the house? How can they be activated? How can they be weakened? This is a study that is sure to fascinate you!

Flying stars are simply the energies that occupy your home first when you move in and then we will add the time factor (years, months). They tell a story. What impact will the energy in your room, in your office have on you? How to remedy it if it is negative and activate it in the opposite case?

Book 8 – Ba Zi and Date Selection (3 days) 600$

“Ba Zi” means “four pillars” or “four words”, they are the pillars of our birth date. You will discover the relationship between the branches and stems of each pillar.

You will also learn how to read the “tong shu” or “10,000 Year Calendar”, a traditional Chinese calendar used, among other things, to select a date for any special event such as signing a contract, moving into a house, the ideal time to start work.

One day will be devoted to practice. We will do many practical exercises on the different analysis systems discussed during this cycle; Flying Stars, Ba Zi, date selection.

It is interesting to find out what reveals your birth energy chart, your potential and also your weaknesses. Self-knowledge makes us stronger.

The selection of dates will be very useful for you to carry out renovations and to choose dates for important events!

This cycle ends with a test and after successfully completing it, each student will receive the Attestation for the Consultant Cycle.

To see the detailed program, please contact me or go to :

Expert Cycle

Book 9

Book 9 – The Water formulas (3 days) 1200$

This cycle addresses the highest formulas of Traditional Feng Shui for water analysis and placement. This cycle concerns real water, which is of particular importance in Feng Shui.

The combination of all these formulas makes up what is called a “water dragon”, a formula that is particularly beneficial for prosperity.

The different plates of the luopan will be explained to you according to the formulas used.

We will also put together, into practice, one of these formulas.

This cycle ends with a test and after successfully completing it, you will receive the Certificate for the Expert Cycle.

Online training
to activate the best energies
in your house

available only in French

Many people have asked me for an online Feng Shui course. Although it is impossible to give the complete and professional training online, my colleague and friend, Bernadette Harvengt and I have concocted an online course allowing you to enjoy the best energies at home and of course avoid the bad ones.

This course will allow you to understand why you experience certain situations and how to remedy them.

For example, since your move in 2004, everything has gone wrong, you have renovated your house and since then you have been living through an endless series of arguments, your son is nervous, he sleeps badly and has difficulty in his studies. Whatever your reasons, you probably don’t take advantage of the energies of your home.

Are you alone and unable to establish a stable relationship with a spouse? It’s not about putting flowers in the Southwest sector.

We will teach you techniques to evaluate

  • Your external environment
  • Your house plan in relation to each occupant of the house

To enable you to improve your life in every respect

Whether it’s health, love, family, social or professional relationships, or your career and finances. This course is simple and well designed. 5 modules, for each of them :

  • PDF manuals
  • A video-audio where you will see the text in pictures
  • An exercise book and its answer sheet

This online training is delivered only in French at the moment but if you wish to buy it

Let's talk about your project!