Feng Shui Expertise for Home or Business

Expertise Canada – France

My home base is Montreal in Canada and from Cannes in France

The expertise has to take place at the location to be studied. I do not analyse a plan without having been on site.

Private Expertise

  • Analysis of a land  in view of building a house
  • Analysis of plans before buying a house, an appartment or simply renting
  • Analysis of renovation plans
  • Diagnosis and recommendations following a problematic situation:
  • health problems
  • financial difficulties
  • tense relationships between husband or wife or with family
  • problems with children
  • solitude
  • multiple problems in  all areas

Business Expertise

  • Before buying a business, analysis of the environment and building itself
  • The business ,after years of success is loosing slowly but surely on all fronts. Why and how to correct.
  • The level of absenteeism is high. Diagnosis and recommendations.
  • One department of your company lags behind. Diagnosis and recommendations.
  • Create a better working climate which in turn will increase productivity

For individuals as well as for businesses,  the analysis of the outside environment as well as the inside , will be followed by a written document with precise recommendations. I will follow up, without any charge for a period of 6 months.

Before our Expertise

Before we meet I will need:

  • An architect plan of your house or appartment or offices or at least a plan made by you but to scale
  • The plan of the land if possible
  • The date of birth of the residents of the house or appartment
  • For businesses, the date of birth of all major directors of your business.
  • The date you moved in to the house or the date of construction of the building
  • The date of big renovations to your house or office building as well as the length of prolonged absences from your house or appartment.
  • What are the problems you are experiencing and what are the objectives you want to achieve.

The Expertise

Must done on the site and never by correspondence.

How will I proceed?

  • A complete analysis of the outside environment (artificial and natural formations- lakes, rivers, pool, roads, mountains, houses or buildings around) will be done with the help of the Luo Pan (chinese compass) , to determine the influence on the house.
  • The inside analysis of the house, appartment or offices taking into account the dates of birth of the occupants or major directors or employees of the company. Measurements will be taken with the Luo Pan of the main entrance, kitchen, position of the electrical appliances, bedroom, position of the bed, bathrooms, offices, direction of the work desks…
  • Ba Zhai is then studied (favorable positions for every occupant of the house and the influence of each room on everyone).
  • The recommendations will take into account the temporal forces and will be valid till 2024.
  • A date selection can be made, if need be, date of a wedding, opening of a business, signing date or any important other dates.

The analysis will be done in my “atelier” and the recommendations rendered the week after or according to an understanding with you, in a detailed report.

Follow up

Following an expertise, you must allow a period of 3 months, during which the changes will slowly implement. Sometimes, you will see very quick results but other times they are gradual The recommendations should be followed correctly for maximum results.

A period of 6 months is allowed, without cost, to facilitate the follow up.

Shedule of rates

The price varies according to the size of the appartment or house and whether an individual or a business.

As a certified expert of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, I offer expertises in all regions or countries. I will travel to your area but the travel expenses will be added to the cost of the expertise.

Please contact me and I will let you know the exact price.

Let's talk about your project!