The phenomenal power of Feng Shui

Feng Shui allows us to channel the energies of our external environment in order to activate them inside. A house that is well positioned in relation to the outside environment has so many possibilities! I remind you that the analysis of the outside is responsible for 70% of a good Feng Shui. What is the quality of the energy of our environment and how can we take advantage of it?

Feng Shui, wind and water. The wind that carries energy, the Qi that transforms itself according to the terrain it encounters and the water that captures this energy. Our body is about 60% water, so we are also a collector of this energy. Are we in phase with this energy? The energies exist but are not channeled until we enter the house. Then it is a question of adapting to each person’s Qi. However, beware of the misuse of water, it can also be a powerful disrupter!

Our external environment is the key to the energy that enters the house. Feng Shui is used to evaluate the external Qi. What does not exist in your environment cannot be activated inside. You cannot connect to a wifi network that is not present in the same way, if the Qi that concerns health is low or non-existent, it will be very difficult or even impossible to activate it in the house, you cannot capture what is absent.

If, for example, the Turtle is not present at the back of your house, your health will be weaker, problems will appear at this level and even if you try to spend time in rooms that represent for you the energy of health, it will not activate, because it does not exist outside…

Initially, before buying a land or building a house, or digginig a pool, then is the time to intervene and evaluate the energy of a place. Each house has a more or less basic potential depending on the environment and the way the house is positioned in this environment.

Feng Shui allows you to take advantage of all that is offered to you according to the energetic quality of the landscape that surrounds you.

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