Gua Chart

                                           Guas or energy footprint for each individual

One of the distinctions between Traditional Feng Shui and New Age Feng Shui, is the way each person captures the energy differently in the same space and this all depends on the birth date, or the person’s Gua.

At birth, a certain energy prevailed for the same date but was captured differently whether a man or a woman. So each individual, depending on the birthdate, will have a different Qi (energy) called Gua. This Gua will determine the compatibility of the person with each area in the house.

You will find on my website, a chart with the years of birth and gender (male or female) to determine your Gua. As the Chinese solar year begins on the 4th of February all those born before this date, must consider the previous year. For example, if you are born on January 29th or February 3rd 1975, you will look at the 1974 column.

Each Gua is associated with a cardinal direction. There are 2 groups of Guas: those of the East and those of the West. Once you have accessed the chart on my website, you will find a number between 1 and 9 (5 is not a Gua).

If you are a Gua 1-3-4 or 9, you belong to the East group and the areas that are best for you in your home or workplace are:  the North, South, East and the Southeast. All other areas: West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast are sectors that are unfavorable to different extents.

Inversely if you have Gua 2-6-7 or 8, you belong to the West group and the best sectors are: West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast. The unfavorable areas are: North, South, East and Southeast.

As you can see, the Qi or energy we receive may be beneficial or harmful. This interaction between us and our living space affects our vital energy.

What is the purpose of the Guas?

The Gua allows you to use the energies that are favorable to you. If you work in a location that represents your worst energy, you are less driven, feel more tired and less clear minded. If you sleep in an unfavorable area, you will probably have a light or restless sleep. A baby is very sensitive to this, simply change the direction of the head of his bed and he will stop crying and being agitated.

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