Feng Shui: how to change your life and make it better

In the Universe, all is energy, nothing was left to chance. From the atom to the stars, the Universe is structured, ordained and hierarchized. The slightest part of the body does not escape this order.

Feng Shui is the Art and Science of  capturing the positive energy of our environment to better serve and improve our health, to favour material abundance , harmonious family, love and social relationships. We treat our body to acupuncture, shiatsu or other natural medicines. Why not pay more attention to the energy linked to our environment???

Why do we feel at peace and happy in certain settings and ill at ease and agitated in others? Why are certain families hit with misfortune and others blessed with success and happiness? It is not by fluke. Qi (energy) is in constant movement and reacts to the forms of the environment and scenery.

Feng Shui, Wind and Water: they shape our landscape. Those forces are active everywhere, under multiple shapes and particularly in the movement of Energy.

I would like to help you better your lives by identifying, capturing and directing the positive Energy (Sheng Qi) that surrounds you, and  make it work for you. The negative Energy (Sha Qi) we will simply avoid. Health, prosperity, Love and happiness are there, you have a right to enjoy them all. My expertise allows me to help you. I am what you would call “a doctor of the environment” and it will have direct effect on your body and your life.

Your Success is my Success!


Through the years, Feng Shui was really brought into disrepute. The practice of Feng Shui, especially in the States, was associated to “New Age Feng Shui”, “Pop Feng Shui” and “Black Hat”. These “schools of practice” are synonymous to quick remedies, very often not even requiring the use of the compass! That Feng Shui is diluted and it relies on remedies and symbolical placement of objects that have, at best, mainly a psychological effet. It’s practice does not rely on any theories or writings in classical Feng Shui books.

Similarly, the system of the “8 Aspirations” that divides the house in 8 parts (north represents career, money in the south-east, love in the south-west…) is pure commercial fantasy and you will never find this in any historical or classical works.

Traditionnal Chinese Feng Shui uses a chinese compass (Luo Pan) for analysis of the cardinal directions. A good Feng Shui analysis uses at least two systems: San He and San Yuan.

SAN HE – system of analysis of the forms- 4 celestial animals (reference point: main door)

Consists of the observation  and analysis of the outside environment. It takes into account rivers, mountains, lakes, buildings, houses, roads, the direction of the flow of water or roads, all is measured with the Luo Pan. The movement and quality of the Qi is thus measured and  also its influence on the property.

Part of the San He system, the BA ZHAI puts in relation the person and the house they live in.

8 types of influences are determined , that  are in relation to the year of birth. Each of us have an energetic imprint that is unique (the Ming Gua) which reacts in a negative or positive manner, according to the energies involved. All of these influences are taken into account during the analysis.

Also part of San He, is the study of Tan Langs and the Water Dragon Classic which is a system of placement of water.

SAN YUAN (based on the facing of the house)

Encompasses Xuan Kong Fei Xing (flying stars) and covers aspects related to time. It is a much more recent system of Traditional Feng Shui. It also includes Xuan Kong Da Gua , the 64 hexagrams (Yi Jing).


The positive and negative Qi  (Sheng Qi and Sha Qi) are not eternal. No houses or buildings are vowed to good  or bad luck for ever. Based on observations and calculations, the Chinese noted that every 180 years, there is a major transformation of the Qi. Within this major cycle, there are 3 others of 60 years each and another 3 cycles of 20 years which are called periods. Every 20 years, there is a major transformation of  energy that influences our environment. At the moment, we are in period 8 which spans from 2004 to 2023.  The preceding period, 7 was 1984 to 2003. Did you note changes towards 1983 or 84? Or 2003 or 04? The transformations take place slowly but surely, whether positive or negative.

To establish a flying star chart, we refer to the facing of the house. The facing is not always  the direction of the main door but the side of the house  where there is the most noise, action, the yang side. In general it is the side that encompasses the main door but not always.

From the measurements taken with the Luo Pan, we establish a chart according to the period we are in and the facing . We can then identify the energies of the house or appartment and determine which areas are favourable or not and for which  resident of the house.

You must start realizing that Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is far more involved than the “New Age” version!

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