The new Traditional Chinese Feng Shui training session, starting early February 2018, in Montreal.

Now is the time to register for the new traditional Feng Shui training session, starting early February 2018, in Montreal.

We will begin with Book 1, which deals with your environment. The energy that enters your home through the main door is of utmost importance. How to evaluate it? We will then continue with the in depth analysis of the door and the use of the Luopan (Chinese compass). This is the expert’s tool. If your goal is personal then I will teach you how to use a simple compass to read the energy.

I will share with you personal experiences to make the practice more lively and easy!

Your living space tells a story … You will learn to read this story. Why is a couple experiencing relational difficulties since changing bedroom and bed direction? Why this sudden turn of fortune since the renovation of the house? Why have these health problems suddenly appeared since the move? Why can’t I have a lasting relationship with a spouse? The answers to these questions will leave you speechless…

Please keep in mind that our school is an educational institution recognized by Revenu Québec and you will be able to deduct the expenses of this training if you work in a related field: interior designer, decorator, architect, real estate developer, contractor, real estate agent……

Do not hesitate to inquire about the schedule of the course, content, dates and rates –

If you want to register, do it now, dive, go ahead!

Looking forward to meeting you in September!



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