We will start the new solar year of the Earth Dog on the 4th of February (not to be confused with the lunar Chinese year that is celebrated on the 16th of February). Some afflictions will dominate in 2018.

Many of you are either my students or clients for which I realized an expertise so you know the directions and sectors of your house. I have warned many of you, in 2017, about certain areas of your house where the ruling energy was negative and gave you specific recommendations tailored to your home.

Each year we have different energies in various directions and sectors. The Flying Stars (the temporal energy that changes every year) move from one location in the house to another and so does the afflictions or negative Qi. There are 8 sectors in a house plus the center. If certain locations are especially positive some will be a challenge.

Each year, we must guard against certain sectors of the house that are less favorable.

This year, Tai Sui (the Grand Duke) is in the Northwest. Tai Sui corresponds to the branch of the animal god of the year. This year, it resides in Northwest 1 direction –the 15 first degrees of the Northwest- 292.5°-307.5°. You must refrain from doing any renovations in this direction in 2018. If you must proceed, you should have an expert calculate a date selection.

If you front door is in the Northwest 1 direction, no building or renovation work in the whole house. This energy cannot be disturbed.

Opposite Tai Sui, Sui Po is in the Southeast. A little less virulent than the Grand Duke but this energy cannot be disrupted either. No building work or renovations in the Southeast direction and if your door is directed Southeast 1(112.5° – 127.5°), no work in the whole house unless you have a date selection.

The San Sha will affect the whole North sector as well as Northeast 1 (15 first degrees of the Northeast) and Northwest 3 (15 last degrees of the Northwest). You must avoid any renovations or construction work in those sectors.

No construction work in the whole of the house, if your door faces South.

And now for the Flying Stars :

I will refrain from giving you “remedies” because the flying stars of the house act in combination with the annual stars which makes it difficult to give specific advice as every house will have a very individual combination.

To put it simply: the favorable annual stars are the 8, 9 and 1 and the negative ones, those we must avoid: 2 and 5. To activate a star, you must spend time in the good or bad sectors.

The 8 is the star of the period, it is the best. It favors short term prosperity. It is in the Southeast this year. This location will benefit from good and bad energies (Sui Po) as we previously saw, so it has mitigating influence.

Star 9 is favorable to promotions, to fame and happy events. This year it is located in the Center, thus will not have a direct influence.

Star 1 favors literary arts, romance, intelligence and creativity. It is in the Northwest in 2018. Sui Po is also in this sector.

Star 2 could bring about physical problems and sickness. It is this year in the West. It is better to avoid this sector of the house or at least spend as little time as possible.

Star 5 is the most negative of all. It is a source of problems of various nature. Avoid the North location as it also harbors the San Sha until February 2019. At least spend the least time possible in that area and add a salt cure for a year.

Keep an eye on certain sectors that may bring a very difficult energy at certain times:

When the 5 monthly star is in combination with the annual 5 in the North :

  • In the Rooster month: from the 7th of September to the 8th of October 2018 included.

In September, the 2 monthly star meets the 2 annual star in the West sector:

  • In the month of the Rooster, from the 7th of September to the 8th of October 2018

The 2 annual star will meet the 5 monthly star in the West and the dates to monitor:

  • In June, the Horse month, from the 6th of June to the 7th of July 2018

When the monthly 2 and the annual 5 combine in the North

  • In March, month of the Rabbit, from the 4th of February to the 5th of March
  • In December, month of the Rat, from the 7th of December to the 6th of January 2019

Very good influences will also be present. Spend time in those sectors, especially during the best periods:


  • February: month of the Tiger- from the 4th of February to the 5th of March
  • September: month of the Rooster- from the 7th of September to the 8th of October
  • October: month of the Dog- from the 8th of October to the 7th of November
  • November: month of the Pig- from the 8th of November to the 7th of December


  • July: month of the Goat- from the 7th of July to the 7th of August
  • August: month of the Monkey- from the 8th of August to the 6th of September
  • September: month of the Rooster- from the 7th of September to the 8th of October

This article highlights the general influences for the year 2018. The impact of those influences will be determined by the time you spend in the different rooms impacted with negative or positive stars. The stars of the house will also come into play.

If you must renovate your house this year, this advice may be very useful to avoid problems. If you must do construction work in afflicted areas of the house, it is necessary to do a date selection.

Have a happy Chinese New Year!

Adèle Dionne

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